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A really simple, slightly configurable logger. The log levels are fixed, and based on those of node-bunyan.

You can configure:

  • level of output
  • output stream
  • colors (Sorry fellow brits, it's the American spelling for consistency)

Everything else is fixed, including output format.


npm install logga


var logger = require('logga')()
logger.trace('Very granular info')
logger.debug('A verbose message to be logged')'Some useful info', 'can take', 'multiple', 'args')
logger.warn('Careful now, Mr. Fancy Programmer!')
logger.error('Something terrible happened, abort!', error)
logger.fatal('The apocalypse is upon us')
// The default log level is 'info', so the 'trace' and 'debug' 
// statements would not log anything in this example. 


  • logLevel – can be one of the following: 'trace', 'debug', 'info', 'warn', 'error' or 'fatal'. Default: 'info'.
  • colors – whether the log output is in color. Default: true.
  • outStream - the output stream to write to (or an object with a write() method). Default: process.stdout.
  • printLevel - If true, includes the log level in the message, in uppercase. Default: false.
  • hostname - If true, includes the hostname in the message. Default: false.

Options can be passed upon creation, or set on the fly at an point, eg.:

var createLogger = require('logga')
  , logger = createLogger({ colors: false, logLevel: 'warn' })'Hello!') // Will not output because log level is set to 'warn' 
logger.options.logLevel = 'debug''World!') // Will now output because log level is now set to 'debug'