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Log Watcher

Watches log files for changes and sends a notification / alert using one or more of the available methods provided by a plugin (stdout, email and webhook) if a pre-defined pattern is detected or a tracked file is deleted.


npm install log-watcher


In a configuration file you specify which files to watch for changes, match patterns and notification options.

Example configuration

  "/var/log/messages": {
    "patterns": {
        "usb_disconnect": {
          "pattern": "USB disconnect, address \\d+",
          "case_sensitive": false,
          "description": "USB device has been disconnected"

        "usb_connect": {
          "pattern": "new low|full speed USB device",
          "case_sensitive": false,
          "description": "USB device has been connected"

    "options": {
      "notify_on_not_available": true

    "notifications": {
      "webhook": {
        "urls": [ "" ]
      "email": {
        "from": "",
        "addresses": [ "" ]
      "stdout": {

Configuration options

  • Object keys are tracked file paths. In this case, one file is tracked - /var/log/messages

  • patterns - object where a key is a short pattern name ([a-zA-Z0-9-_]+) and a value is a pattern object with the following keys:

    • pattern - regular expression match pattern
    • case_sensitive - true if you want the pattern to be case sensitive, false otherwise (if case_sensitive is false, 'i' flag is added to the created RegExp object).
    • description - pattern description
  • options - object with the following keys:

    • notify_on_not_available - true to send a notification when a file is unavailable (deleted)
  • notification - object which defines how to send a notification if a defined pattern is detected or a file is deleted. Key is a plugin name and a value is an object with the plugin options. Currently available plugins are:

    • stdout - prints notification to standard output
    • email - sends a notification to a single or multiple email addresses
    • webhook - sends a notification payload as a POST request to a single or multiple URLs
    • cloudkick_push - not working yet, because https in node 0.x.3 is currently broken

For the available plugin options, view the corresponding plugin source code: lib/plugins/<plugin_name>.js

Note #1: Because a pattern value is a string not a RegExp object, all the backslashes before special regular expression characters must be escaped. For example: \d+ -> \\d+, \w -> \\w

Note #2: Notifications are common to a tracked file a not a pattern which means that if you define two patters for a single file, same notification methods will be used for both patterns.


log_watcher --config <path to the config file>

Reloading configuration without restarting the program

Work in progress.


26.12.2010 - Initial release