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This is a node.js package which alerts on any new line occurrence in a log file (or any text file). Its use cases be - getting notified for an error or warning occurance in your log file on some server or sending report from a file when a new data is added. In our case we mostly used it with PM2 to alert us whenever a script fails.

User can customize the number of lines to send from the log file and also the delay between between two alerts.


  1. do npm install log-email-alerts.
  2. require the module in your app.
  3. set configuration as your desire as a JSON.
  4. call the function with config as a parameter.


    var logEmailAlerts = require('log-email-alerts');
    var config = {
        file_array : ['abc.log', '/var/some/thing.log']
        ,alerts_to_email : "someone@example.com"
        ,alerts_from_email : "someone@example.com"
        ,keywords : [/findme/g, 'FindMe']


Following are the things that you can set in the config object.

  • file_array : This array contains path to the log files for which you want to set alert.
  • alerts_to_email : It is the email to which alerts are send.
  • keywords : This array contains the keyword/regex, occunace of any will send mail alert.
  • alerts_from_email : It is the email which is used in from field of the sent mails.
  • no_more_emails_till_mili_sec : How much delay do you want in between alerts. Useful in case your files gets suddenly flooded.
  • collect_lines_till_mili_sec : Ones a new line occurs in file then for how many mili seconds should the program keep on collecting the lines before it sends them in an alert.
  • max_lines_to_collect : How many minimum number of lines should the program collect before sending an alert.


npm i log-email-alerts

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