A builder for WordPress plugins created with the Lava Framework.


Lofty (named after the character from Bob The Builder) is a build script for WordPress plugins created using the Lava framework.

  • Compiles, concatenates and minifies coffeescript
  • Compiles, concatenates and minifies LESS
  • Namespaces LAVA_ classes
  • Plugin header creation (requires flag)
$ npm install -g lofty

Lofty uses a configuration file (lofty.yml)

name: Blank Plugin
version: 1.0
description: Blank Plugin - update configuration in lava.yaml
author: Daniel Chatfield
license: GPLv2
class_namespace: Volcanic_Pixels_Blank_Plugin    

This creates a development build (no minifying) and puts it in the build directory.

$ lofty build

When you are ready to distribute this will create a copy in the dist folder.

$ lofty build-dist