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An NPM module which searches for Lodash/Underscore methods used in your source.

You might want to use this to create custom Lodash builds, using its include flag without having to maintain the list of used functions manually.

lodash --include=all,the,functions,you,are,using

Basic usage

The node module provides two functions:

  1. Parses a source file and returns an array of the lodash methods used.
  2. Gets the command to run to build lodash with the methods in the given source file.
lodashFinder = require('lodash-finder');
functionsUsed = lodashFinder(sourceOfFile);
// functionsUsed == ['each', 'map', 'template'] 
buildCommand = lodashFinder.getBuildCmd(sourceOfFile, ['modern', '--output', 'lodash.js']);
// buildCommand == 'lodash include=each,map,template modern --output lodash.js' 

Additionally, there's an executable which essentially wraps lodash's cli, but passes on the methods to include.

$ lodash-finder src modern --output lodash.js

The command line tool accepts the exact same arguments as lodash's cli, with two differences. The first argument must be a path identifier to find the source files. Paths can be excluded from the source by passing any number of --exclude= arguments.

Paths can be identified in three ways:

  • glob syntax, eg: src/**/*.js
  • a path to a directory, eg: test, which is then translated to test/**/*.js
  • a path to a single file, eg: src/all.js

For example, to include the src directory but ignore vendor and test files:

$ lodash-finder src --exclude=src/test --exclude=src/vendor


  • Handle chaining method calls