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Automatically sync your project translations with Loco.

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The Loco CLI helps you keep your translations bundled in your app/website in sync with Loco.

Looking for a Python alternative? Try marten-cz/loco-cli!

Getting Started

npx loco-cli --help

Loco CLI currently has three methods, which are very similar to git commands:

  • loco-cli push: push translations to Loco.
  • loco-cli pull: download all translations.
  • loco-cli status: see which translations are not yet uploaded/downloaded.

The Loco CLI assumes your translations are stored as JSON files, one for each language.

[locales folder]
 ├── en.json
 ├── es.json
 └── fr.json

The keys in the files are asset ID's, and the values are translations. Nested JSON structures produce dottet asset ID's:

  "home": {
    "title": "Welcome back, {{name}}" // Asset ID: `home.title`


Global options are passed as options in the terminal or read from a loco.config.js file (recommended) or a .locorc.{yaml,json,js} file:

// loco.config.js
/** @type {import('loco-cli/types').Config} */
module.exports = {
  accessKey: "<loco-full-access-key>",
  localesDir: "src/app/i18n/locales",
  namespaces: false,
  push: {
    "flag-new": "provisional",
    "tag-new": process.env.npm_package_version,
    "delete-absent": false,
Config key CLI flag Type Description
accessKey -a, --access-key <key> string The API key of the Loco project you wish to sync to/from. You can find this in the Loco project under Developer Tools › API Keys › Full Access Key (if you do not intend to use loco-cli push, an Export key will work too).
localesDir -d, --locales-dir <path> string The folder in which the JSON translation files are stored (defaults to current working dir).
namespaces -N, --namespaces boolean Organize translations into namespaces (default: false). Set this flag to true when dividing translations into multiple files. The uploaded asset ID's will be prefixed with <namespace>:.
push - PushOptions Loco API options used for loco-cli push. (https://localise.biz/api/docs/import/import)
pull - PullOptions Loco API options used for loco-cli pull. (https://localise.biz/api/docs/export/exportall)
  • ignore-new: Specify that new assets will NOT be added to the project.
  • ignore-existing: Specify that existing assets encountered in the file will NOT be updated.
  • tag-new: Tag any NEW assets added during the import with the given tags (comma separated).
  • tag-all: Tag ALL assets in the file with the given tags (comma separated).
  • untag-all: Remove existing tags from any assets matched in the imported file (comma separated).
  • tag-updated: Tag existing assets that are MODIFIED by this import.
  • untag-updated: Remove existing tags from assets that are MODIFIED during import.
  • tag-absent: Tag existing assets in the project that are NOT found in the imported file.
  • untag-absent: Remove existing tags from assets NOT found in the imported file.
  • delete-absent: Permanently DELETES project assets NOT found in the file (use with extreme caution).
  • flag-new: Set this flag on any NEW (non-empty) translations imported into the current locale.
  • filter: Filter assets by comma-separated tag names. Match any tag with * and negate tags by prefixing with !.
  • fallback: Fallback locale for untranslated assets, specified as short code. e.g. en or en_GB.
  • order: Export translations according to asset order.
  • status: Export translations with a specific status or flag. Negate values by prefixing with !. e.g. "translated", or "!fuzzy".
  • charset: Specify preferred character encoding. Alternative to Accept-Charset header but accepts a single value which must be valid.
  • breaks: Force platform-specific line-endings. Default is Unix (LF) breaks.


loco-cli status

Check the diff between local and remote translations.


  • --direction [remote|local|both]: Direction to diff the translations to
    • remote: Only check for local translations that are missing remotely
    • local: Only check for remote translations that are missing locally
    • both: Check both directions

loco-cli pull

Download all translations from Loco. This command will overwrite the JSON files in localesDir with the assets found in Loco.


  • -y, --yes: Automatically answer yes to all confirmation prompts (default: false)

loco-cli push

Push changes to the translation files to Loco. Depending on the push options, this will only add new translations, modify existing translations or even delete translations from Loco that are not present in the local file.


  • -y, --yes: Automatically answer yes to all confirmation prompts (default: false)


Contributions are what make the open source community such an amazing place to learn, inspire, and create. Any contributions you make are greatly appreciated.

If you have a suggestion that would make this better, please fork the repo and create a pull request. You can also simply open an issue. Don't forget to give the project a star! Thanks again!


Distributed under the MIT License. See LICENSE for more information.

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