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    Lockstep Platform API SDK for Typescript and Javascript


    This SDK allows you to work with the Lockstep Platform API in JavaScript and TypeScript. JavaScript developers will find a fully featured library with convenient functions to automate most of the method calls within the Lockstep API; developers using TypeScript will find a rich definition of strict types. Both languages will have access to docblocks, hover, autocomplete, and convenience features to make your code easier to write.


    Using this SDK

    This tutorial will walk you through the basics of creating a project that uses the Lockstep Platform SDK.

    1. Let's begin by creating a new project with a skeleton package.json file using in NodeJS:
    > npm init --y
    1. If you choose to use TypeScript, you can now add TypeScript features to this project. The following steps will install TypeScript, create a tsconfig.json file, and gain access to most built-in types for NodeJS:
    > npm install typescript
    > npx tsc --init
    > npm install -D @types/node
    1. Add the Lockstep SDK to your project via Node Package Manager:
    > npm install lockstep-sdk
    1. Obtain a free Lockstep developer account from the Lockstep developer site. When you fill out your information, you will receive an email with an API key.
    2. Set your API key to an environment variable such as LOCKSTEP_APIKEY so that it will not be committed to source control.
    3. Create a basic index.ts file for your project that creates a Lockstep API client:
    import { LockstepApi } from 'lockstep-sdk';
    var client = LockstepApi
    1. Make an API call and check the result:
    var status = await;
    if (status.success) {
        if (status.value?.loggedIn) {
            console.log(`Logged in as ${status.value.userName}`);
        } else {
            console.log(`API key is not recognized: ${status.value?.errorMessage}`);

    You're ready to begin writing code with the Lockstep API!


    npm i lockstep-sdk

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