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Lock your Node.js project into an executable.


npm install -g lockjs


  • One binary executable.
  • Capable to handle the C++ addons.
  • Capable to handle the a lot fs methods which not use file descriptor.
  • Always run with the latest Node.js. (link the shared library at compiling time)

Quick Start

Create a locked project and get a public key by specifying the path and entry point of it:

$ lockjs lock path/to/project path/to/project/lib/index.js ./project.locked

// ....
// [lockjs] Locked file: "project.locked".
// [lockjs] Key: "yourPublicKey".

Create an executable from the locked project and its public key:

$ lockjs gen ./project.locked ./app.o yourPublicKey

Rock and roll:

$ ./app.o

Support Platform

  • Mac OS X
  • Linux 64 bit
  • Linux 32 bit

Environment Requiered

  • clang
  • Node.js > 4


Usage: lockjs [options] [command]


  lock <projectPath> <entryPoint> <dest>  lock specified node.js project and generate a public key
  gen <packedProject> <dest> <publicKey>  generate a executable from the locked and the public key
  install                                 install latest node.js header files and shared library


  -h, --help     output usage information
  -V, --version  output the version number