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UI Toolkit

A front end tool kit to help Lockheed Martin build their internal application for their SeeLoad project.

Getting Started

What you will need to have installed on your local machine to get going on this project.

A Text Editor

If you do not have one already a good place to start for free would be: Sublime Text 3 or Atom

Node Package Manager (NPM)

To download visit Node JS and follow the instructions to install to your local machine


  1. git clone this repo
  2. npm install
  3. run npm run serve from this projects folder in your terminal

Your web browser will be opened and display localhost:8080

Technologies Used

  1. ReactJS
  2. SCSS/SASS for styling
  3. Webpack for compiling code

**Browser is automatically refreshed on save with Webpack Dev Server in this project


In your terminal in the main directory run: npm run build

Directory Structure

  • dist (only when you run npm run build)
    • this will put all the JS & SCSS/SASS code into a bundle.js file with an index.html for production code
  • styles: src/styles
  • assets (images & fonts): src/assets
  • ReactJS Components: src/components
  • Screens/Pages: src/pages
  • Main Application is run from src/App.js
  • Service Worker File is there for a start to a Progressive Web App (PWA)
  • Webpack.config.js is for the Webpack compiler


Currently only employees of SpireDigital are allowed to contribute to this code base


  • Troy Evans
  • Michael Stork

Team Project Leads

BA: Sara Szynskie

Design: Grace Hartman

Development: Troy Evans