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Report if your package.json is out of sync with your package-lock.json.


Call it with no arguments to verify the current project's lock file. Errors are printed out to stdout and the status code set to 1.

$ npx lock-verify
Invalid: lock file's example@2.1.0 does not satisfy example@^1.1.0
Errors found

Call it with a path to a project to verify that project's lock file. If there are no errors, it prints nothing and the status code is 0.

$ npx lock-verify /path/to/my/project


const lockVerify = require('lock-verify')
lockVerify(moduleDir).then(result => {
  result.warnings.forEach(w => console.error('Warning:', w))
  if (!result.status) {
    result.errors.forEach(e => console.error(e))

As a library it's a function that takes the path to a module and returns a promise that resolves to an object with .status, .warnings and .errors properties. The first will be true if everything was ok (though warnings may exist). If there's no package.json or no lockfile in moduleDir or they're unreadable then the promise will be rejected.