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npm install loci

We can now run both server-side, and browser tests.

Run browser tests

With your test in /test, if loci is installed globally then just run loci -b in your terminal. Then, open up http://localhost:8000. Your tap tests output will be in the console in your browser.

Here is a sample test

    {testComponenttestloci} = (require "loci").browser 
    # Pull in your component 
    component = require 'path/to/component'
        test ''(t)->
            t.equal typeof'function'
            start = new Date
            setTimeout ()->
                t.equal new Date - start100
        test 'timing hiding'(t)->
            t.equal typeof'function'
        test 'teardown'(t)->
         loci.emit 'teardown' #this tears the component down 


- clientify has to be in the root level.

Run server-side tests

Built ontop of node-tap

Add the following to scripts in package.json: - Globally installed 'test': 'loci' - Locally installed 'test': 'path/to/loci/bin/loci'

Then in the terminal run: npm test

Here is a sample test:

Reall all thats happening here is loci exposing node-tap

    test = (require'loci').test
    test "a cool test"(t)->
        t.ok(true"It's ok to plan, and also end.  Watch.")

Here another sample with loci.api

    {apitest} = require'loci'
    test "a cool api test"(t)->
        t.ok(true"It's ok to plan, and also end.  Watch.")