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    Make your web application more secure by encrypting your client-side data before storing it in the local storage.


    Using npm:

    npm i localstorage-encrypt

    Using yarn:

    yarn add localstorage-encrypt

    Getting started

    The library is initialized with 3 parameters:

    name Description default
    name: string What you want to use as a key in the browser's local localstorage localStorage
    expire: number How long you want the data saved before it is deleted. The unit is in hours.
    Note: The functionality is still being worked on.
    window: object The browser's window object null
    import localstorageEncrypt from "localstorage-encrypt"
    const ls = localstorageEncrypt.init("storage", 12, window)

    Note: when using the library in a React project, it is advisable to initialize it in a useEffect hook and in a Vue project, do it in the created lifecycle method. This way, the window object is not undefined.

    Saving data

    To save your data in the localStorage object you created when initializing the library.

    It takes 2 parameters: the key and the value. The key has to be of string type and the data you're storing can be any data type.

    const userData = { name: "Dotun", occupation: "developer" }
    const authToken = eyghghfyheuehuhuoheouihih
    ls.save("user", userData)
    ls.save("token", authToken)
    // has no return value

    Get saved data

    To get the saved data.

    It takes a single parameter: the key you used to store the data. The key has to be of string type.

    If you pass in a key that doesn't exist, it returns undefined.

    // returns { name: "Dotun", occupation: "developer" }

    Get all saved data

    To get all data that has been saved.

    It takes no parameters and returns an object containing everything you have saved so far in key-value pairs.

    // returns { userData: { name: "Dotun", occupation: "developer" }, authToken: eyghghfyheuehuhuoheouihih }

    Delete saved data

    To delete a particular saved data.

    It takes a single parameter: the key you used to store the data. The key has to be of string type.

    // removes authToken from saved data. only userData is left.
    // has no return value

    Delete all saved data

    To delete every data that has been saved so far. This could be useful in a case where a user clicks logout and you want to remove all it's data.

    // clears every data from the storage. only an empty object {} remains.
    // Has no return value


    npm i localstorage-encrypt

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