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The non-configurable project-local configuration loader for lazy people.


The only two options are the name of your app and your default configuration.

  var localrc = require('localrc')(appname, {
    //defaults go here.
    port: 2468


Given your application name, localrc will look in all the obvious project-local places for configuration.

  • For each config folder sibling to your node_modules folders:
    • config/${arch}(.json)
    • config/${platform}(.json)
    • config/${hostname}(.json)
    • config/${username}(.json)
    • config/${APPNAME}_ENV(.json)
    • config/defaults(.json)
  • And config.json as a sibling file to node_modules.

All configuration sources that where found will be flattened into one object, so that sources earlier in this list override later ones.


Configurations files must be in json format.


An example for the unimaginative:

  var rc = require('rc')(appname, require('localrc')(appname, {
    foo: 'bar'