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Create a localization file in Android or iOS format from a Google Spreadsheet

Convert a Google Spreadsheet to a localization file

npm install localize-with-spreadsheet

Given a Google Spreadsheet like this:

The tool fetch the spreadsheet and write the result to a file in the Android or iOS format:

Create a file update-localization.js

var Localize = require("localize-with-spreadsheet");
var transformer = Localize.fromGoogleSpreadsheet("0Aq6WlQdq71FydDZlaWdmMEUtc2tUb1k2cHRBS2hzd2c", '*');
transformer.setKeyCol('KEY');"values/strings.xml", { valueCol: "NL", format: "android" });"values-fr/strings.xml", { valueCol: "FR", format: "android" });"nl.lproj/Localizable.strings", { valueCol: "NL", format: "ios" });"fr.lproj/Localizable.strings", { valueCol: "FR", format: "ios" });

Run it with

node update-localization.js

You can filter the worksheets to include with the second parameter of 'fromGoogleSpreadsheet' Ex:

Localize.fromGoogleSpreadsheet("<Key>", '*');
Localize.fromGoogleSpreadsheet("<Key>", ['HomeScreen, 'ContactScreen']);
Localize.fromGoogleSpreadsheet("<Key>", [0, 2]);
  • The script will preserve everything that is above the tags: < !-- AUTO-GENERATED --> or // AUTO-GENERATED
  • Your spreadsheet should be "Published" for this to work
  • You need to have git installed for the installation