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    Locale data generators written in node.js. Uses reliable sources. Generated data available as JS/JSON objects.

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    Install as an npm package:

    npm install locale-util

    or clone to your project directory:

    git clone

    Using Generated Data

    The generated data is available under data directory. It's pre-generated and will always be up-to-date. You can import whichever data you want into your project by just requiring:

    // list of currencies
    const currencies = require('locale-util/data/core/currencies.json')
    // list of currency codes by country
    const currencyCodesByCountry = require('locale-util/data/extra/currencyCodesByCountry.json')
    // list of country names by country code
    const countryNamesByCode = require('locale-util/data/extra/countryNamesByCode.json')
    // and more inside the data directory

    Or you can require a collection of data:

    const core = require('locale-util/data/core')
    // core now has currencies, supplementalData, phoneNumberMetadata etc.
    const extra = require('locale-util/data/extra')
    // extra now has countryCodes, currencyCodes etc.
    const data = require('locale-util')
    // data has core, extra and jstz lib.

    About Generators

    Generators grouped by their function.

    Core Generators

    The scripts in generators/core folder fetch and parse the data from a chosen reliable source.

    Extra Generators

    The scripts in generators/extra folder parse the data from data/core/somefile file.

    JSTZ Lib Generator

    jstz is a timezone detection library and its DST (daylight saving time) values by timezone needs to be updated by time. locale-util generates the library source code by regenerating the daylight saving time values by timezone.

    About Generated Data

    The generated data is available under data directory. It's pre-generated. There is no need to generate any data when you install this package. However, sources that this package uses to generate data may update theirself overtime. Generally a couple of times in a year. If you want to stay up to date, you need to regenerate the data by running:

    npm run update-all

    inside the package directory.

    Data Size Report

    Be careful with importing the data into your bundles for browsers since the data may increase your bundle size dramatically.

    Please refer to the file dataSizeReport.json that shows the size of each data item in kilobytes.

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