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Mac users, please read the known issues part before installing the package.

Port forwarding and renaming on localhost made easy


Local.dev offers you a simple command line to improve your node workflow by providing easy and persistant port forwading on localhost.

Did you already struggled to remember all of those localhost:port that you juste create ? Or don't you want to rename the boring localhost:8080 to whatever.dev ? Because I did !

With local.dev, you can rename any localhost:port to any name possible, you don't even need to add a domain dot if you don't feel like it.

💿 Installation

npm install -g local.dev

⚡️ Usage

Every command can be made with localdev instead of local.dev.

Add a new local.dev url. You will need the root priviliges for this one

local.dev add 8080 this-cool-url

List all of your local.dev active

local.dev list

Remove a local.dev

local.dev rm this-cool-url

📆 Future updates

  • Windows compatibility
  • Linux compatibility
  • Remove command
  • Persistant host on Mac

😱 Known issues

The local.dev is reset if the mac shutdown.

To set it again, you have to delete it first with local.dev rm your-site . It's a work in progress for this one, I have to find a good solution to edit the pf.conf file.

Mutliple local.dev doesn't work on mac, still a problem with pf.conf.

Renaming only one localhost at a time makes this package useless on Mac, I wouldn't recommend using it for the moment. Work in progress.


npm i local.dev

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