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Load templates.


Install with npm

$ npm i load-templates --save


In addition to what's shown in the below examples, if a glob pattern or valid filepath is passed, a stat object will be added to the file object as well.

var loader = require('load-templates');
// optionally pass an object to use for caching the views
var cache = {};
var views = loader(cache);
// object of views
  a: {path: 'a'},
  b: {path: 'b'},
  c: {path: 'c'}
// key-value pairs
views('d', {path: 'd'});
views('e', {path: 'e'});
views('f', {path: 'f'});
// glob pattern or file path, string or array
views('views/*.js'); // g, h, i

Results in:

  a: {path: 'a'},
  b: {path: 'b'},
  c: {path: 'c'},
  d: {path: 'd'},
  e: {path: 'e'},
  f: {path: 'f'},
  g: {path: 'g'},
  h: {path: 'h'},
  i: {path: 'i'},
  j: {path: 'j'}



Rename the key of each file object.

Type: Function

Default: noop Full filepath or whatever key is passed.

glob options

All options are also passed to globby.

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Running tests

Install dev dependencies:

$ npm i -d && npm test

Coverage summary

As of version 0.9.1

Statements   : 100% (81/81)
Branches     : 100% (44/44)
Functions    : 100% (13/13)
Lines        : 100% (79/79)


Pull requests and stars are always welcome. For bugs and feature requests, please create an issue.


Jon Schlinkert


Copyright © 2014-2015 Jon Schlinkert Released under the MIT license.

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