Builders for protocol data formats used in LiveShot.

LiveShot protocol

Protocol specification for data formats used in LiveShot. The protocol is implemented through various builders.

This section contains definitions of the data objects used by LiveShot. These objects represent the data format provided by the parser library, and accepted by the display library.

This definition is considered a draft and is subject to change.

  • < string >host The display name of the host of the shooting. This is typically the name of the host club, ex: 'Rygge SKL'
  • < string >name The range display name, ex: '100m'
  • < string >relay The display name for the relay, ex: '1'
  • < iterable >cards
    • Contains zero or more < Card > objects, the keys of this object can be anything, as long as they iterate in the correct order. Typically this is just an array containing zero or more cards.