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LiveReload client

Handles the client side of the LiveReload protocol, connects to LiveReload 2 app and any other running instance of livereload-server.


  monitoring: [LRClient.protocols.MONITORING_7]
  connCheck:  [LRClient.protocols.CONN_CHECK_1]

client = new LRClient
  supportedProtocols: PROTOCOLS
  WebSocket: WebSocket || MozWebSocket

  id: "com.mycompany.myapp"   # unique reverse-dns style id of your app
  name: "MyApp"               # user-friendly name of your app
  version: "1.0"              # version number of your app

client.on 'connected', (negotiatedProtocols) ->
  console.log "Monitoring protocol version: %d", negotiatedProtocols.monitoring
  console.log "Connection check protocol version: %d", negotiatedProtocols.connCheck

  if negotiatedProtocols.connCheck >= 1
    client.send { command: 'ping', token: 'test' }

client.on 'command', (message) ->
  console.log "Received command %s with data %j", message.command, message


npm install livereload-client

Running tests

npm test


© 2012, Andrey Tarantsov, distributed under the MIT license.