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LivePhotosKit JS

Use the LivePhotosKit JS library to play Live Photos on your web pages.


The JavaScript API presents the player in the form of a DOM element, much like an image or video tag, which can be configured with photo and video resources and other options, and have its playback controlled either programmatically by the consuming developer, or via pre-provided controls by the browsing end-user.


For more detailed documentation, see

For information about Live Photos for developers, see


Using npm

Install and save LivePhotosKit JS:

npm install --save livephotoskit

Import LivePhotosKit JS (ES6/TypeScript):

import * as LivePhotosKit from 'livephotoskit';

A TypeScript type definition file is included in the distribution and will automatically be picked up by the TypeScript compiler.

Using the Apple CDN

<script src=""></script>

A TypeScript type definition file is available at


The LivePhotosKit JS version number is in the URL. For example, 1 specifies LivePhotosKit JS 1.x.x.

You will then be able to access LivePhotosKit JS via window.LivePhotosKit.

Browser Compatibility

The LivePhotosKit JS player supports the following browsers:

  • On macOS: Safari, Chrome, Firefox
  • On iOS: Safari, Chrome
  • On Windows: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer 11
  • On Android: Chrome (Performance depends on device)