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This is a command-line tool to administer API Creator servers. It allows the creation, modification and deletion of many common objects, such as projects, database connection, resources and rules.


npm install liveapicreator-admin-cli -g

note: MAC users may need to use $sudo npm install liveapicreator-admin-cli -g.

Please note that, on Windows (and sometimes Mac), npm install will create an executable called lacadmin (or liveapicreatoradmin) in your {userhome}/<node_modules>/.bin directory. If this directory is not in your PATH, you will probably want to fix that, otherwise you'll have to specify the full path to the executable. You can also try npm install liveapicreator-admin-cli -g


lacadmin login <url> -u <user-name> -p <password> [-a <alias>]


The URL will normally be the address of the server, such as:


If you specify an alias, then you will be able to refer to that connection using that alias. This is useful if you plan to work with several LAC API servers at the same time.

Regardless, this command sets your current server -- see the use command below.


$ lacadmin login -u fred -p secret -a myAcmeAlias
Logging in...
This server licensed to: Acme Inc.
Login successful, API key will expire on: 2019-11-27T03:36:55.266Z
$lacadmin use myAcmeAlais
You are now using server as user fred

Admin Command Line Service


$ lacadmin --help

  Usage: liveapicreatoradmin [options] [command]
      login [options] [url]                                                                 Login to an API server
      logout [options] [url]                                                                Logout from the current server, or a specific server
      use <alias>                                                                           Use the specified server by default
      status                                                                                Show the current server, and any defined server aliases
      license [options] <list|import>                                                       Administer server License for connected server.
      eula <accepted>                                                                       End user license agreement status (must be accepted before any script will run)
      api [options] <list|create|update|delete|use|import|export|extract>                   Administer projects. Actions are: list, create, update, delete, use, export
      libraries [options] <list|create|update|delete|export|import>                         Administer javascript libraries for an account.
      authprovider [options] <list|create|linkProject|delete|export|import>                 Administer authentication providers for an account.
      datasource [options] <list|create|createDatabase|update|delete|import|reload|export>  Administer datasources within a project.
      resource [options] <list|delete|update|export|import>                                 Administer resources within a project.
      rule [options] <list|create|delete|import|export>                                     Administer rules within a project.
      apioptions [options] <list|update|import|export>                                      Administer API project options for an account.
      sort [options] <list|create|update|delete|import|export>                              Administer Named Sorts for the active API Project.
      filter [options] <list|create|delete|update|import|export>                            Administer Named Filter for the active API Project.
      token [options] <list|import|export>                                                  Administer Auth Tokens for current project.
      role [options] <list|delete|import|export>                                            Administer Roles for current project.
      user [options] <list|delete|update|import|export>                                     Administer Users for current project.
      npa [options] <list|delete|export|import>                                             Administer Non Persistent Attributes for the active API Project.
      topic [options] <list|delete|import|export>                                           Administer Topics for current project.
      event [options] <list|delete|export|import>                                           Administer Request & Response Events for current project.
      handler [options] <list|delete|export|import>                                         Administer Custom Endpoints (Handlers) for current project.
      apiversion [options] <list|export|import>                                             Administer API Versions for Resources for current project.
      relationship [options] <list|delete|export|import>                                    Administer Relationships for current project.
      gateway [options] <list|create|delete|import|export|publish>                          Publish Swagger document for current project to CA Gateway.
      managedserver [options] <list|create|delete|update|import|export>                     Administer a managed data server (used by @databases to create datasources).
      migrate [options] <exportRepos|extract>                                               Migrate creates a export script all projects to a named directory
      schema [options] <create>                                                             Create new databse using @schema format and a managed data server datasource.
      function [options] <list|delete|export|import>                                        Administer Functions for current project.
      virtualkey [options] <list|create|update|delete|import|export>                        Manage a virtualkey to a table or view.
      sequence [options] <list|create|update|delete|import|export>                          Manage a database sequence on a key column for a table or view.
      listener [options] <list|delete|export|import>                                        Administer Listener Events for current project.
      provider [options] <list|delete|export|import>                                        Administer Listener Provider definitions. (requires login as "sa")
      connection [options] <list|delete|export|import|stop|start>                           Administer Connections for current project.
      timer [options] <list|delete|export|import>                                           Administer Timer definitions.
      application [options] <list|delete|import|export>                                     Administer Data Explorer Applications.

    -h, --help     output usage information
    -V, --version  output the version number


This will log you in to one or more LAC API Servers - the alias allows multiple connections to be used at the same time (see use command)

    lacadmin login -u admin -p myAdminPassword http://localhost:8080 [-a <alias>]
    Logging in...
    This server licensed to: CA Technologies license_type: TRIAL
    Login successful, API key will expire on: 2017-12-18T14:03:48.464Z


This will log you out of the select LAC API server, unless you specify an alias, in which case you will be logged out of that server.

    lacadmin logout [-a <alias>]


The use command will switch between one or more active server connections. The status command will show you all connections.

    lacadmin use <alias>

This switches the current server to the specified alias.


Prints which server is the current server (if any) and project, and what aliases are defined (if any).

    $lacadmin status
    No aliases currently defined
    You are not currently logged in to any admin server
    You cannot run this command because you are not currently logged in.(lacadmin login --help)
    $lacadmin status
    No aliases currently defined
    You are currently logged in to admin server: http://localhost:8080/rest/abl/admin/v2 as user admin
    There is no current project.

Status Output

Defined aliases:
│ Alias │ Server                                                │ User  │
│ api   │                 │ admin │
You are currently logged in to admin server: as user acme
Current project is: Acme Sales [1234] - url_name: sales

Sample Export Script

You can combine each command to export parts of your system into components that can later be used in source control and then promoted to different servers.

#! /bin/bash
# Export Script for Northwind Jetty

mkdir nw
## Export from local server
lacadmin logout -a local
lacadmin login -u admin -p Password1 http://localhost:8080 -a localnw
lacadmin use localnw

# Projects
lacadmin api list
lacadmin api use --url_name nwind
lacadmin api export --url_name nwind --file nw/project_nwind.json --format json

#API Options
lacadmin apioptions list
lacadmin apioptions export --file nw/apioptions.json

# Data Sources
lacadmin datasource list
lacadmin datasource export --prefix nw --file nw/ds_derby.json

lacadmin libraries list
lacadmin libraries export --ident 2100 --file nw/auth_libraries.json

#Auth Providers
lacadmin authprovider list
lacadmin authprovider export --ident 2100 --file nw/nw_authprovider.json

lacadmin rule list --verbose
lacadmin rule export --file nw/rules.json

lacadmin resource list
lacadmin resource export --file nw/resources.json

#lacadmin logout -a localnw

Sample Import Script

#! /bin/bash
# import Script for Northwind Jetty

## Logon to local  Jetty server (if local server using a WAR file use http://localhost:8080/APIServer) 
lacadmin logout -a localnw
lacadmin login -u admin -p Password1 http://localhost:8080 -a localnw
lacadmin use localnw

# Projects - this is the default NorthWind JSON project
lacadmin api export --file project_nwind.json --format json
#lacadmin api export --file --format zip
lacadmin api import --file project_nwind.json --namecollision replace_existing
lacadmin project list

#API API Options [Optional]
lacadmin apioptions list
lacadmin apioptions import --file nw/apioptions.json

# Data Sources [optional] for other databases - set the password
lacadmin datasource list
#lacadmin datasource update --prefix nw --password password1 -- Jetty does not use pw

#Auth Providers - lets create a new one and link it to the current project
lacadmin authprovider list
lacadmin authprovider create --name RESTAuthSecurityProviderCreate --createFunction LDAPAuthProviderCreate --paramMap logonApiKey=Lvnq9CYXN5oYoiToWGkN,loginBaseURL=http://localhost:8080/rest/default/nwind/v1/nw%3AEmployees,loginGroupURL=http://localhost:8080/rest/default/nwind/v1/nw%3ARegion --comments Uses NW Employees for REST Validation
lacadmin authprovider linkProject --name RESTAuthSecurityProviderCreateJS

#Rules [optional] - this will export each rule in a single JSON file, but the --verbose will output each rule for create
lacadmin rule list --verbose
#lacadmin rule import --file nw/rules.json

#Resources [optional]
lacadmin resource list
#lacadmin resource import --file nw/resources.json

#close connections
lacadmin logout -a localnw

Sample Repository Report Script

lacadmin logout -a local
lacadmin login -u admin -p Password1 http://localhost:8080 -a local
lacadmin use local
lacadmin status

# Select An API using url fragment name
lacadmin api use --url_name demo

lacadmin api list
lacadmin apioptions list
lacadmin datasource list
lacadmin libraries list
lacadmin authprovider list
lacadmin rule list --verbose
lacadmin resource list
lacadmin relationship list
lacadmin token list
lacadmin role list
lacadmin user list
lacadmin sort list
lacadmin filter list
lacadmin apiversion list
lacadmin event list
lacadmin handler list
lacadmin topic list
lacadmin apiversion list
lacadmin managedserer list
lacadmin function list
lacadmin virtualkey list
lacadmin sequence list
lacadmin timer list
lacadmin listener list
lacadmin connection list
lacadmin application list

lacadmin logout -a local

Object-specific commands

Follow the links below for detailed documentation on specific administrator commands.