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Live File

live-file is a simple utility to allow you to watch a remote file in realtime on your browser via websockets. It's not meant to be a nice finished product it's just a hacked together tool.


  • Realtime streaming over webockets
  • Infinite upward scroll simulates terminal application
  • easy to install and run, few dependencies

Install and Run

You can install live-file using npm. Be sure to use -g option:

  npm install live-file -g

To run, all you need to do is run the command and pass it a file:

  live-file --file /var/log/system.log

Point your browser at http://localhost:8888 to see the results.

You have a few extra options:

  live-file --file /var/log/system.log --port 3000 --backlog 10000

--port is the webserver port and --backlog is the number of bytes to send to the client at a time.

Browser Support

I have only tested this on Firefox :/


I borrowed some code from around github but I can't seem to find all the sources. I know this guy was involved:



fs#watchFile seems to be kind of slow. I imagine there are better ways to do this now. I might change this soon.