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var helper = require("littlehelper");

helper.Compiler represents the Compiler API helper.Files represents the Files API helper.Folder represents the Folder API helper.LiveView represents the LiveView API helper.LessCompiler represents the LessCompiler API



Compiles everything in the folder 'src' into the file 'build/LittleHelper.js' ` helper.Folder.getFiles("./src", function(error, files){ if(error)throw error;

    helper.Compiler.compile(files, "./build/LittleHelper.js", function(){
        console.log("New LittleHelper Build @ "+(new Date()));


Launch the Less compiler helper.LessCompiler.compile("Z:/work/playground/symfony/src/OW/ScoutBundle/Resources/public/less/main.less", function(css){ helper.Files.create("./main.css", css); console.log("New LESS Build @ "+(new Date())); });


Compiles a bundle of js files into on single file

compile : function(files, build, callback)

files : array of files which will be compiled(minified and concaternated) together

build : path of the compiled js files

callback : function called after the project has been successfully compiled

EXP : helper.Compiler.compile(["src/Core.js"], "./build/Helper.js, function(){});


Util.getFileExtension = function(file)

Exp: helper.getFileExtension("path/to/file.js") returns 'js'

Util.getFileName = function(file)

Exp: helper.getFileName("path/to/file.js") returns 'file'


copies a file to a destination

copy : function(src, dest)

src : source path dest : destination path

observes a bundle of files. If they change the callback is called

watch : function(files, callback)

files : array of files callback : callback function

creates a file with content

create : function(fileName, content)

fileName : file name content : file content


loads recursive all files from a direcotry

getFiles : function(folderPath, callback)

folderPath : path of the folder callback(error, files) : callback function with parameters ERROR, and FILES

copy directories

copyDirectories : function(target, resourcesArray)

target : target path resourcesArray : array of folders which will be copied to the target path

creates a directory

createDirectory : function(dir)

dir : path of the directory

copies a single direcotry. Not recursive!

copyDirectory : function(src, dest)

src : source directory dest : destination direcory


function have to be called before you can use LiveView

init : function()

sends the command to all clients to refresh the browser window

reload : function()


compiles a less file to a css

compile : function(src, callback)

src : sourcepath of the .less file

callback(css) : function called. parameter [css] contains the css compiled from less

EXP : helper.LessCompiler.compile("../public/less/main.less", function(css){ helper.Files.create("./main.css", css); console.log("New LESS Build @ "+(new Date())); }); `


parse : function( filePath, textDelimiter, cellDelimiter, rowCallback) filePath : path to the CSV file textDelimiter : delimiter for cell content cellDelimiter : delimiter rowCallback : callback (header, data)