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A command line utility written for Nodejs that automates all kinds of repetitive tasks that a developer might find themselves doing a lot.


$ npm install -g little-helper


Little-helper is planned to help with a number of different tasks in the future. Right now it only does a few tasks with git.


Specify the -g option to tell little-helper that you want it to do something with git.

-gu [-o] [--upstream=my-upstream]####

Fetches the specified remote's master branch and rebases the active local branch against it. Specify the -o option to use origin as the remote, alternatively use --upstream to specify the remote. The default remote to use if -o and --upstream are not used is upstream.

Default Git Aliases####

Little-helper also manages a bunch of default git aliases for you via a git.mappings.json file. If you'd like more information on how to use those aliases see how mapping.json files work by reading the command-mapper documentation.

For example:

$ little-helper g d -h2

Would run git diff HEAD~2. Better documentation will be coming in the future on how this works as well.

There are plans to allow customization of this and more aliases in the future, so stay tuned.

Other Default Aliases####

There are also now default aliases for npm and mocha. Check the mappings directory for more information and read abovie (git mappings).