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JS library to perform technical SEO and best practices analysis to your projects.

Note: This tool functionality relies on Google Lighthouse. It's such a great tool to test your web projects!


Just run the npm install command:

npm i litic -g

After the installation, you can use it via:

litic -u "" -k "my keyword" -o "output.csv"


Litic currently analyses your website against 45 different tests, divided by category:

Category Test name
Performance HTTP/2
Performance Server Response Time
Performance Largest Contentful Paint
Performance Cumulative Layout Shift
Performance First Contentful Paint
Performance Time to Interactive
Performance HTML Minification
Performance Minified CSS
Performance Minified JS
Performance Optimized caching strategy
Performance Uses Text Compression
Performance Reduced DOM Size
Performance Lazy-load offscreen images
Robots Page is crawlable
Accessibility Jump to Main Content
Accessibility Matching HTML Language
Accessibility Color Contrast
Accessibility Image Alternative Text
Accessibility Appropiate size for tap targets
Accessibility Font size is greater than 12px
Best Practices HTML is valid
Best Practices Console errors
Best Practices <!DOCTYPE html>
Best Practices <html> has [lang] attribute
Best Practices Apple Touch Icon
Best Practices Javascript Links
Best Practices Empty Anchor Links
Meta-tags <meta charset="utf-8"> is used
Meta-tags <meta name="viewport"> is correctly used
Meta-tags <title> tag is present
Meta-tags meta[name="description"]
Meta-tags Canonical URL is defined
Meta-tags Document has a valid hreflang
Content Heading structure
Content Content Width
Content Text Readability
Content Keywords (Text Rank)
Content BERT Score
Security No plain text emails
Security HTTPS
Security HTTPS Redirection
Security External links use [rel="noopener"] or [rel="noreferrer"]
Security Protect against MIME Sniffing
Security Protect against Clickjacking
Other Domain expiration

Each test comes with a description, and most of them will also offer you a link with more information.


To use Litic, you can just run an analysis with litic -u "". The results of this analysis will be printed on your console:

Litic screenshot

Additionally, you can also use other parameters, such as -o to specify the path where you want to store the results, or -k to specify a keyword to run content checks against.

Short name Long name Description Required
-u --url URL to run the tests against Yes
-k --keyword Keyword to run content checks against No
-o --output Output path for a CSV file with the results No

Running remote

If running under a low-resource environment, you can run the lighthouse analysis using Google PageSpeed Insights API. To do this, you just need to set the PAGESPEED_TOKEN environment variable to your API token, and Litic will use it to perform the remote analysis.


Smart tests

There are a few tests that rely on Silver Diamond to execute. To use them, please register and set an environment variable named SD_KEY to your api key.

SD_KEY={API_KEY} litic -u ""


There are a lot of tests I want to include in Litic, as well as making it possible to provide a list of URLs (or even an excel with tons of URLs) and run the tests against each one of them.


Please, feel free to contribute to this repository, making pull requests or opening new issues.


Copyright © 2021 Raúl López and contributors

Licensed under the MIT license, see LICENSE for details.

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