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Easily take your code and make it literate: parses a Markdown file and prints out the code blocks exclusively.

Inspired by Matthew Mueller's Duo Playground and available as a standalone module, a browserify transform and a CLI tool.


src = literatify(markdown)

Takes a markdown string, and returns the extracted source code as a string. Code blocks marked with their language as bash or sh.

Browserify Transform

When using as a browserify transform, .md files and .markdown files will be transformed and the rest will be left untouched. When using from the command-line:

browserify -t literatify/transform

Or as a module:

var browserify = require('browserify')
var bundler = browserify()


The literatify CLI is pretty simple: it either takes the markdown file as input, or reads the first file passed as an argument, and then spits the extracted code out to stdout.

sudo npm install -g literatify
cat | literatify


MIT. See for details.