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    Simple. Fast. Web Components.

    Lit is a simple library for building fast, lightweight web components.

    At Lit's core is a boilerplate-killing component base class that provides reactive state, scoped styles, and a declarative template system that's tiny, fast and expressive.

    About this package

    The lit package contains everything needed to build Lit components: the LitElement base class, Lit templates, and all first-party Lit directives.


    • lit: The main module exports the core pieces needed for component development, including LitElement, html, and css
    • lit/decorators.js: Exports all the TypeScript/Babel decorators from one module.
    • lit/decorators/...: The decorators/ folder contains a module for each decorator (@customElement(), @property(), etc.) for optimal pay-as-you-go module loading.
    • lit/html.js: Just the exports needed for standalone lit-html usage: render(), html, svg, etc.
    • lit/static-html.js: The lit-html static.js module
    • lit/directives.js: Contains the Directive base class for implementing directives.
    • lit/directive-helpers.js: Optional helper utilities for implementing directives.
    • lit/async-directive.js: A directive base class that supports disconnection and reconnection.
    • lit/directives/...: The directives/ folder contains all of the first-party lit-html directives, like repeat, classMap, etc.
    • lit/polyfill-support.js: A module that connects Lit to the web components polyfills where necessary to support older browsers.
    • lit/experimental-hydrate.js: A module for hydrating lit-html templates that were server-rendered with @lit-labs/ssr. Note this module is experimental and subject to breaking changes.
    • lit/experimental-hydrate-support.js: A module that adds hydration support to LitElement. Note this module is experimental and subject to breaking changes.




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