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Lit Grid Layout

Draggable and Resizable Grid Layout for Lit Element

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  • [x] Create Layout algorithm that takes a layout array [{width, height, x, y}] and sorts its, and places it in the DOM without going over bounds, etc
  • [x] Ability to drag the Grid Items around the DOM and regenerate the layout when it is moved.
  • [x] Ability to resize the Grid Items and regenerate the layout when moved
  • [x] Ability to specify an element for the drag handle
  • [ ] Ability to specify an element for the drag handle through a shadowroot
  • [x] Fix Mobile resizing
  • [ ] Test the code, review the code, make sure we are production ready
    • [ ] Add edge cases, only update if we need to, checks in place to not break


This library has not been fully released. I will not be including any breaking changes or release notes as this is being actively developed. Please star the repo and set up watch for releases. I will release the main version as 1.2. This will be after I fully integrate and finalize the implementaion into Home Assistant

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