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LIRI - Language Interpretation and Recognition Interface


LIRI is like SIRI (from iOS). It is a command line node app that takes in parameters and outputs data.


0. Clone the repo

1. Run npm install, and the following packages should be installed:

2. Get your Twitter API credentials by following these steps (you must have a Twitter account and be logged in):

  • Step One: go to and fill out and submit the form
  • Step Two: go to Keys and Access Tokens to get your consumer key and consumer secret
  • Step Three: then click the button below on that page to create an access token and access token secret

3. Create a file named keys.js and store it somewhere safe (you will need to reference it):

  • Inside keys.js insert the following code:
exports.twitterKeys = {
  consumer_key: 'your consumer_key',
  consumer_secret: 'your consumer_secret',
  access_token_key: 'your access_token_key',
  access_token_secret: 'your access_token_secret',

4. Inside liri.js, enter your Twitter username in the params object to retrieve your last 20 tweets

var params = {
    screen_name: 'yourTwitterUsername'
} && {
    count: 20

Run the application

  • To install globally:
npm install -g

The syntax to run the program is:

liri <function> <parameter>

Available functions:

  • mytweets

  • spotify

  • omdb

  • random

Running the following commands in your terminal will do the following:

liri mytweets
  • will log your last 20 tweets and when they were created
liri spotify 'song name'
  • log the following information about the song:

    • artist(s)
    • song name
    • preview link of the song from spotify
    • album that the song is a part of
    • song name
  • if no song is provided then the program will output information for the song 'Computer Love' by Zapp by default

liri omdb <movie name>
  • this would log the following information about the movie:

    • Title
    • Year
    • IMDB Rating
    • Country
    • Language
    • Plot
    • Actors
    • Rotten Tomatoes Rating
    • Rotten Tomatoes URL
  • if no movie is provided then the program will output information for the movie 'WarGames' by default

liri do-what-it-says
  • The program will take the text inside of random.txt and use it to call the first command with the second part as it's parameter

  • Currently in random.txt, the following text is there:

spotify, "Peter Piper"
  • This would call the spotifyThis function and pass in "Peter Piper" as the song.

  • This should work for any function and parameter you use.

  • All commands and output are logged in terminal.log.


(C) Ryan Sy 2016. All Rights Reserved.




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