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Lintlovin sets up your project for automatic linting, whitespace checking, and runs mocha tests (if you have any).

On install (npm install lintlovin --save-dev) it will set up a Grunt file, .editorconfig, .jshintrc, and a git hook that runs test before you push. The gotcha here is that it will run tests on what is in you working directory, and not on the actual contents of the branch.

To run tests continually while editing run grunt watch in your project. To run tests manually just run npm test.

JSHint options

  asi: false # Don't allow missing semicolons. 
  bitwise: true # Bitwise ops are forbidden. 
  camelcase: false # Do not force use of camelCase. 
  curly: true # Force code blocks after flow control statement. 
  eqeqeq: true # Force === for equality checking. 
  freeze: true # Don't allow fiddling with prototypes of native objects 
  immed: true # Prohibit the use of immediate function invocations without wrapping them in parentheses 
  indent: 2 # Two spaces indent 
  latedef: nofunc # Only allow late definition of functions. 
  newcap: true # Force capitalisation of constructor functions 
  noarg: true # Prohibit the use of arguments.caller and arguments.callee. 
  noempty: true # Warn when you have an empty block in your code. 
  nonbsp: true # Catch non-breaking whitespace. 
  nonew: true # Prohibit the use of constructor functions for side-effects. 
  quotmark: single # Single quotes for strings. 
  strict: true # Strict mode! 
  undef: true # Prohibit the use of explicitly undeclared variables. 
  unused: true # Warns when you define and never use your variables. 

Rationale for not forcing camelCase: It's quite common to get data from modules and APIs that doesn't use camel case, that would then generate errors when you try to access non-camel properties.

Available Grunt tasks

The npm-based commands don't need grunt-cli, but the grunt commands do.

  • default – the default task, the one invoked when running just grunt, will if no additional tasks are added just run the test task.
  • test – lints all files to the defined JSHint and EditorConfig coding style guidelines and, unless noMocha has been set to true, runs all tests in a test/-folder if such a one exist, with the exclusion of any tests in a test/integration/ folder. Can be invoked through either grunt test or npm test.
  • test-all – like test, but also runs the tests in the test/integration/ folder. Can be invoked through either grunt test-all or npm run test-all.
  • watch – watches for file changes and runs test on any relevant change. Can be invoked through grunt watch.

lintlovin.initConfig(grunt[, config] [, options])

To be run from the parent project's Gruntfile.js. Initializes the grunt object sent in with a basic task setup. Also allows additional task setups to be sent in through config and for altering the basic setup in some ways through options.


  • integrationWatch – makes the watch task also run tests in test/integration/, which can be unfeasable in big projects, but nice in smaller ones. Defaults to false.
  • jsFiles – an array of additional files to watch and lint. By default .js-files in top folder or below the bin/, cli/, lib/ or test/ folders will be watched and linted. (Also any non-js file in test/ will be watched and will thus retrigger a test when changed)
  • spaceFiles – an array of additional files to just watch and whitespace lint.
  • dependencyFiles – an array of additional files to just check for dependencies.
  • watchFiles – an array of additional files to just watch.
  • enableCoverageEvent – enables the grunt-mocha-istanbul coverage event on tests
  • extraDefaultTasks – an array of additional tasks to add to the default task alias
  • extraTestTasks – an array of additional tasks to add to the test task alias
  • extraTestAllTasks – an array of additional tasks to add to the test-all task alias
  • extraWatchTasks – an object of additional watch task definitions
  • noIntegration – whether there are integration tests in test/integration/ or not. Defaults to true if test/integration/ exists.
  • noMocha – disables the Mocha tests. Mocha tests are otherwise run if a test/-folder is found in the parent project.
  • noTiming – disables the time-grunt performance output
  • noJSCS – disables the jscs plugin
  • noDependencyCheck – disables the dependency-check plugin
  • ignoreUnusedDependencies – ignores the specified modules when looking for unused modules




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