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This program integrates several lint tools for the javascript stack and allows the user to get an ordered list of lints for each file.

Integrated Tools

  • jscs
  • eslint
  • jshint
  • htmllint
  • lintspelljs
  • lessc
  • csslint

It has integrated a RegExpChecker that allow you to define rules based on a regexp for any kind of file.


npm install -g lintint


lintint [options] <directories> <files>

If called without parameters check recursively the cwd

Available options:

--config =<local|global>

local: uses local project configuration files (.eslintrc, .jscsrc, csslintrc, etc).

global: uses global lintint configuration files.

--help : Print this help

--version : Print version information

Git-Repo (


By default lintint uses the configuration files located at:


But if you use the --config=local flag it will use .jscsrc .eslintrc .htmllintrc files local to your project.