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This linter plugin for Linter provides an interface to eslint. It will be used with files that have the “JavaScript” syntax.


apm install linter-eslint

linter-eslint will look for a version of eslint local to your project and use it if it's available. If none is found it will fall back to the version it ships with.

Lets say you depend on a specific version of eslint, maybe it has unreleased features, maybe it's just newer than what linter-eslint ships with. If your-project/node_modules/eslint exists linter-eslint will be used.

Note that if you do not have the linter package installed it will be installed for you. If you are using an alternative linter-* consumer feel free to disable the linter package.

Use with plugins

You have two options:

  • Install locally to your project eslint and the plugin

    • $ npm i --save-dev eslint [eslint-plugins]
  • Install globaly eslint and plugins

    • $ npm i -g eslint [eslint-plugins]
    • Activate Use Global Eslint package option
    • (Optional) Set Global Node Path with $ npm config get prefix


You can configure linter-eslint by editing ~/.atom/config.cson (choose Open Your Config in Atom menu) or in Preferences:

  'eslintRulesDir': 'mydir'
  'disableWhenNoEslintrcFileInPath': true
  'useGlobalEslint': true
  'showRuleIdInMessage': true
  'globalNodePath': '/Users/foo/.nvm/versions/io.js/v2.3.1'
  • eslintRulesDir is relative to the working directory (project root)
  • disableWhenNoEslintrcFileInPath allows disabling linter-eslint when there is no .eslintrc found in project
  • useGlobalEslint allows using globally installed eslint and plugins for it
  • showRuleIdInMessage
    • true will append the eslint ruleId to warning/error messages


If you would like to contribute enhancements or fixes, please do the following:

  1. Fork the plugin repository
  2. Hack on a separate topic branch created from the latest master
  3. Commit and push the topic branch
  4. Make a pull request
  5. Welcome to the club!

Please note that modifications should follow these coding guidelines:

  • Indent is 2 spaces
  • Code should pass coffeelint linter with the provided coffeelint.json
  • Vertical whitespace helps readability, don’t be afraid to use it

Thank you for helping out!




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