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JSCS Linter

JSCS — JavaScript Code Style is a code style checker. You can configure jscs for your project in detail using over 60 validation rules. See mdevils/node-jscs for more information about JSCS.

This package will lint your .js and .jsx opened filed in Atom through jscs linter. It will lint on edit and/or on save, so you'll see instantly if your code is following your code conventions/style.

  • Support .jscs.json, .jscsrc and package.json configurations files
  • Switch between jscs presets with ease.
  • Enable esnext for babel ES6/ES7/JSX syntax support.
  • Can autofix your file to the codestyle.

(Install React package to have .jsx files syntax recognized, and possibly linted by the linter)


(you can see linter-jscs and linter-jshint working together without any problems).


apm install linter-jscs