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    Lingallery is a simple image gallery component for Vue.js. It displays a large image with thumbnails below as you can see in the demo. You can define several settings to adapt the gallery to your needs.

    Since Lingallery is at an early development state be carefull when using it in a production project.


    Check out the live demo here:


    npm i lingallery


    Here are some examples of how to use Lingallery in a .vue file component or inline.

    Inline usage

    You can use it inline:

    <lingallery :iid.sync="currentId" :width="600" :height="400" :items="[
        {id:'someid1', src: '', thumbnail: '', alt: 'Some alt text', caption: 'Some Caption'},
        {id:'someid2', src: '', thumbnail: '', alt: 'Another alt text', caption: 'Another Caption'},
        {id:'someid3', src: '', thumbnail: ''}

    Remember to register the component:

    import Lingallery from 'lingallery';
    Vue.component('lingallery', Lingallery);
    new Vue({
      el: '#app'

    Usage in another component

    Create a component Example.vue and add this:

      <lingallery :iid.sync="currentId" :width="width" :height="height" :items="items"/>
      import Lingallery from 'lingallery';
      export default {
        data() {
          return {
            width: 600,
            height: 400,
            items: [{
              src: '',
              thumbnail: '',
              caption: 'Some Caption',
              id: 'someid1'
              src: '',
              thumbnail: ''
            currentId: null
        components: {

    Usage with Nuxt.js

    Since Lingallery uses features that are available only in the browser make sure to start rendering the component in a hook that is not running on the server like mounted () or to add Lingallery as a plugin with disabled SSR:

    plugins: {
      { src: '~/plugins/lingallery', ssr: false }

    Lingallery options

    You can pass some props to adapt the behavior and looks of Lingallery.

    Prop Description Default Type
    width Specifies the width of the main image area in pixels. 600 Number
    height Specifies the height of the main image area in pixels. 400 Number
    responsive Defines whether the image gallery should take up all available width space. false Boolean
    startImage Sets the index of the image the gallery should start with. 0 Number
    baseColor Defines the base color (at the moment only for the thumbnail border color) #fff String
    accentColor Defines the accent color (at the moment only for the spinner and the active thumbnail border) #3498db String
    textColor Defines the text color of the caption. #000 String
    showThumbnails Defines whether thumbnails should be displayed. true Boolean
    showControls Defines whether left / right controls should be displayed. true Boolean
    mobileHeight If set to a number larger than 0 the image height will not exceed that value on mobile devices 0 Number
    mobileHeightBreakpoint If mobileHeight is defined this prop sets the breakpoint below which the image height will not exceed the mobileHeight value 0 Number
    leftControlClass If defined adds a class to the left control button to enable custom icons '' String
    rightControlClass If defined adds a class to the right control button to enable custom icons '' String
    disableImageClick If set to true a click on the large image will not show the next image false Boolean
    squareModeDektop If set to true the large image will always be displayed in square format on desktop devices false Boolean

    Lingallery addons

    I am planning on creating several additional features. Since I try to keep the basic plugin as small as possible those addons will not be part of Lingallery by default. To enable an addon you explicitly have to pass an object prop "addons" to Lingallery containing all the addons you would like to activate as well as their options.

    Here is a list of currently existing addons:

    Large View

    By passing the prop enableLargeView you can enable the large view feature. When clicking on the large main image a modal will open up with the image displaying in full size.

    <lingallery :addons="{ enableLargeView: true }" ... />

    If you want to show a different image (maybe a larger version) in the modal you can add the property largeViewSrc into the items prop.

    <lingallery :addons="{ enableLargeView: true }" :items="[{ src: 'image1.jpg', largeViewSrc: 'image1_large.jpg' }]" ... />

    Picture Element

    Sometimes you might want to display different images depending on the user's screen size. Responsive images in Lingallery are possible with this addon. You can specify both a type and a media attribute. Be sure to enable the addon by setting enablePictureElement: true in the addons object.

      :addons="{ enablePictureElement: true }"
          src: 'image1.jpg',
          pictureElement: [
              srcset: 'image1_large.jpg',
              media: '(min-width: 600px)',
              type: 'image/jpg'
              srcset: 'image1_large.webp',
              media: '(min-width: 600px)',
              type: 'image/webp'
              srcset: 'image1_huge.jpg',
              media: '(min-width: 1200px)'


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