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split/binary-split but lines contain byte offset in the source stream and gives access to last line fragment

  • this module leaves the delimiter on the resulting buffer.
  • all values are cast to buffers and emitted as buffers.
  • this module is just as fast as binary-split.
var linestream = require('line-stream');
var s = linestream();
  console.log('line of data ',line+'');
  console.log('i come from ',line.start,'byte offset in the file')


var linestream = require('line-stream');

  • transform stream (through2)

linestream(delimiter) || linestream({delimiter:os.EOL,start:0})

  • returns transform stream.
  • options
    • delimiter, defaults to os.EOL but can be anything
    • start, defaults to 0. this is an offset applied to the start property of each line's "line.start" property. just helpful.


  • properties
    • stream.fragment, at any time this property contains the fragment of the last incomplete line or an empty buffer.
  • events, in addition to standard stream events this module also emits
    • fragment, emits before end if there is a line fragment in the fragment property.