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Icons8 Line Awesome

Line Awesome is a free alternative for Font Awesome 5.11.2. It consists of ~1380 flat icons that offer complete coverage of the main Font Awesome icon set.

This icon-font is based off of the Icons8 Windows 10 style, which consists of over 4,000 icons, so be sure to check that out if you need more specific icons.

Check out a live preview of the Line Awesome.


Line Awesome can be loaded via CDN or downloaded as zip archive. You can read more about this options on Line Awesome how-to page.

Alternatively, Line Awesome can be installed as npm package:

npm install line-awesome


Icon can have 3 styles: regular, solid or brand. For each style there is a corresponding class: lar, las or lab. Wherever you desire to place an icon simply insert the following code and change the class names (laX la-XXX) to correspond to the icon of your choice.

<i class="las la-battery-three-quarters"></i>

You can find a usage example for each icon on the Line Awesome page. Feel free to use this page to quickly find desired icons.

Using in Figma, Sketch, Photoshop, etc.

To use Line Awesome in your favorite design tool just import desired fonts to your project and you are ready to go! Note: there are 3 files, one for each style (regular, solid, brands). If you want to use all icons please import all 3 files.

Good Boy License

We’ve released the icon pack either under MIT or the Good Boy License. We invented it. Please do whatever your mom would approve of:

  • Download
  • Change
  • Fork

No tattoos!


Based on the Windows 10 icon pack. The original ones contains 4,500 icons and is too heavy for a single font.

Questions or Ideas?

If you have any questions or ideas about icons, please feel free to contact us.

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