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js execution controller for the browser or node.js


npm install linc or include linc.js on your page


Linc.add( name, [ options ], fn ) Adds a widget with string name, optional options object, and run function fn. Widgets can be scoped by adding period separated namespaces in the name. Returns the module.

  • validation.signup Add the validation widget to the signup namespace
  • validation.signup.signin Add the validation widget to both signup and signin namespaces [ name, ] [ options ]) Executes all functions that are unscoped, and takes an optional options object to call specific namespaces, pass in a context, or execute all stored functions (options detailed below).

Linc.get( name ) Retrieves a module with name -- can be a name along with a namespace, like widgetName.scope, which will return the widgetName module in the scope namespace.

Linc.setDefaults([ options ]) set defaults such as default context or namespace that should be used when running or adding modules.

Widget Options

  • once This widget is only called once during its life.

Run Options

  • context Each widget's associated function is called with this as context. Defaults to Linc in node and window on the browser.
  • all Calls all widgets, namespaced and unscoped.
  • namespaceOnly Calls only the namespace defined
  • data Data to be sent as arguments in function calls


  // Set the default context to be a header div in the browser 
    context: $('#content')
  // Adds a validation widget  
  Linc.add( 'validation', function () {
    this.find( 'form.validate' ).validate();
  // Adds a selection toggle widget that can only be called once. 
  Linc.add( 'selectParent', { once: true }, function () {
    this.find( '' ).click(function ( e ) {
      $( this ).parent().addClass( 'selected' );
  // Adds the register widget to the account namespace 
  Linc.add( 'register.account', function () {
    this.find( 'form.ajaxSubmit' ).submit(function( e ) {
      $( this ).ajaxSubmit();
  // Runs all unscoped widgets -- just 'validation' and 'selectParent' in 
  // this case, with default scope of the #content element;
  // Runs all unscoped and widgets in the namespace 'account' -- 
  // both 'register' and 'validation' functions are executed, since 
  // 'selectParent' is only called once, with 'document' as context'.account', { context: document });
  // You can also pass data to all modules called 
  Linc.add('header.updates', function ( data ) {
    $('#header h1').update( data.title );
    url: 'http://localhost',
    success: function ( data ) {'.updates', { data: data }) }


Uses jasmine-node for running specs, and coffeescript for source -- run make in project root to compile and run specs.