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    Set a directory limit for require and fs functions.

    Notice: This module should Not be relied on for security on its own. You should Never depend on this module to block unknown users from a directory. This module is build so you can easily try to limit yourself from accidentally exiting a directory, or to limit admins to a specific root, but that does Not mean it will always work.


    npm install @aspiesoft/limit-dirpath


    const LimitDirpath = require('@aspiesoft/limit-dirpath');


    // options, and their defaults
        throwErrors: true,
        root: false,
        require: 'modules',
        modules: true,
        fs: false,
        eval: false,
    // to include a root limited fs function
    const fs = LimitDirpath({root: __dirname, fs: true}).fs;

    Note: anything that runs before this function, will not be limited


    • If true, will through errors.
    • If false, will return null or undefined.


    • Set to a dir path to limit file requests to that path.
    • If false, will try to grab the dirname from the main file.


    • This node module modifies the default require function, to help add limits. There are also a few options for this.
    • If true, will allow any file within the root option you set.
    • If false, will try to completely disable the require function.
    • Set to 'module', to attempt to only allow node_modules to be required.


    • There are some additional options to control requiring modules.
    • If true, will allow any node_module to be required.
    • If false, will try to block any node_modules from being required.
    • Set to an array, to only allow node_modules mentioned in that list.
    • Set to an object, to use array lists: allow and deny.


    • This node module can generate a new, and limited fs function. It cannot override the original fs module, the modules fs and fs-extra will not be allowed. You should manually deny any other modules, or only allow specific ones. This module uses fs-extra to add some extra capabilities to make up for the permission restrictions.
    • If false, fs is not added.
    • If true, a root limited fs object will be returned from the function, with all fs actions allowed by default
    • If an array, you can list what fs actions are allowed.
      • ['read', 'write', 'stream', 'add', 'modify', 'append', 'delete', 'rename', 'watch', 'copy', 'move', 'exists', 'sync', 'dir', 'js', 'json']
      • read: allows reading files
        • stream: can createReadStream
      • write: allows writing to files
        • stream: can createWriteStream
        • add: can add new files
        • modify: can modify existing files
        • if add and modify are not included, but write is, there both assumed as true
        • append: can append to a file
      • delete: can delete files
      • rename: can rename files
      • watch: can watch files
      • copy: can copy files
      • move: can move files
      • exists: can check if files exist
      • sync: can run readSync, writeSync, ect.
      • dir: can do similar allowed actions with directories
      • js: can run methods on files that end with .js
      • json: can run methods on files that end with .json


    • If true, will allow eval to be used.
    • If false, will override the eval function, with a permission denied function.
    • If 'global', will override eval, but not global.eval.



    npm i limit-dirpath

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