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Limelight CDN Media Proxy

This is a node.js application that serves as a media proxy for Limelight CDN. This basically takes the following URL and maps it to the actual media download.


Where 0011aee4e21d4b84aecc342960eb876a is the Limelight CDN media ID. When this application is running on a server, you can then just navigate to that URL and it will download the file directly from Limelight CDN.

You can also use this with the <video> and <audio> tags.

<video src="http://localhost:4000/0011aee4e21d4b84aecc342960eb876a" controls />


You can install this module using NPM.

sudo npm install -g limelight_proxy


To run the proxy on your server or computer, you can run with the following parameters.

limelight_proxy --organization 12345678 --secret abcd1234 --access_key zyx987 --port 4000

Pipe vs. Redirect

This library allows you to either retrieve your media via http pipe, or via redirect. By default, it will pipe the remote file to the request. However, you can change this to use a redirect by using the redirect parameter as follows.

limelight_proxy --organization 12345678 --secret abcd1234 --access_key zyx987 --port 4000 --redirect 1