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A node.js library for authenticating Limelight CDN requests.

This is a simple library for authenticating node.js applications that want to communicate to the Limelight API found at


You can use this library by including limelight as a dependency on your node.js library.

  "name": "my_library",
  dependencies: {
    "needle": ">=0",
    "limelight": ">=0"

You can then use this within your library like the following.

// Include the dependencies.
var needle = require('needle');
var limelight = require('limelight');
// Setup the variables.
var organization = '1234567890';
var access_key = '1234567890';
var secret = '1234567890';
var mediaId = '123123123123';
// Get the request URL.
var url = '' + organization + '/media/' + mediaId + '/encodings.json';
// Sign the request using limelight.authenticate
var signed_url = limelight.authenticate("GET", url, access_key, secret);
// Get the response.
needle.get(signed_url, function (error, response, info) {