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========== if you are using es6 + webpack, it's recommended to go to lila ==========

A web frontend building tool for teamwork, with many amazing functionalities:

  • automatic compiling: less -> css, es6 -> es5, commonjs -> amd.
  • automatic html/js/css merging and minifying.
  • watch files' changes, and auto reload browser page.
  • multi environment, multi servers, web/static separated servers.
  • files/directories mapping in different environments.
  • automaticly upload built files to servers.
  • hash code revision to disabled client cache.
  • absolute css/html inline resource reference.
  • ...

Quick start

Install lilacs:

npm install lilacs -g

or in China, you can use cnpm:

cnpm install lilacs -g

New project

lilacs new lilacs-demo


  1. directory specification
  2. writing code
  3. command line
  4. server side command line
  5. project config
  6. files&directories mapping
  7. group of modules
  8. custom config for every module
  9. multi js entry modules
  10. all resources can disable cache
  11. use express to mock data
  12. with forever