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lightview v1.8.2

Small, simple, powerful web UI and micro front end creation ...

Great ideas from Svelte, React, Vue and Riot combined into one small (but not tiny) tool: < 8K (minified/gzipped).

See the docs and examples at

Meanwhile, here is what you get:

  1. No pre-deployment transpilation/compilation required.

  2. No virtual DOM. The Lightview dependency tracker targets just those nodes that need updates.

  3. Reactive string template literals for content and attribute value replacement.

  4. Automatic import, export and cross-component syn for attributes/variables.

  5. Svelte like variable usage, i.e. write your state modifying code like normal code.

  6. TypeScript like runtime type checking of variables in components.

  7. Extended variable type declarations including min, max and step on number or limits on string and array lengths.

  8. Automatic server retrieval and update of variables declared as remote5.

  9. Single file and template components.

  10. Automatic input field variable creation and bindinge.

  11. Attribute directives like l-if, and a powerful l-for that handles array and object keys, values, and entries.

  12. Sandboxed remote components and micro front ends.

  13. Unit testable components and a debug mode for using standard JavaScript debuggers.

  14. A component library including charts and gauges that work in Markdown files.

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