A lightweight profiling tool for javascript

lightprof 0.0

A lightweight profiling tool for javascript.

Totally minimal at this point, hopefully will get back to it soon and add some cool stuff.

var profiled1       = new Something();
var not_profiled    = new Something();
var profiled2       = new SomethingElse();
var profiled3       = new SomethingElse();

var Profiler = require('lightprof');

var profiler = new Profiler(); // options will be documented later. Or check the source.
profiler.start([profiled1, SomethingElse]); // array of profiled instances and classes

... do your stuff ...

var log = profiler.stop();
// -> { "Something.method1": {calls:..., timeOwn:..., timeTotal:...} , ... }