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Lightman : Node based CLI for the Apple Developer Center

Hi, Lightman!


Lightman uses an Inception level of javascript libraries. Spooky.js is the node flavor of Casper.js, which is a higher level library for Phantom.js! YIKES. Should you still want to install:

npm install -g lightman

Make sure to install CasperJS/PhantomJS with:

brew install casperjs

Lightman usage:

Usage: lightman [options] <command>
  -h, --help                       output usage information
  -V, --version                    output the version number
  -t, --team [team id]             Use team id
  -c, --csr [csr file]             Use csr file
  -bn, --bundlename [bundle name]  Use bundle name
  -bi, --bundleid [bundle id]      Use bundle id
  -dn, --devicename [device name]  Use device nam
  -di, --deviceid [device id]      Use device id
  login - logs you in (saves to keychain)
  whoami - who am i logged in as?
  cert:create:dev - create development certificate
  cert:create:dist - create distribution certificate
  appid:create - create app id
  appid:configure:push - configure app id for push
  device:addid - add device id
  team:list - list teams you belong to

Other Stuff:

  • Based on Cupertino by mattt, but you know, not ruby.
  • I also include some shell scripts for doing things like:
    • creating a CSR
    • importing a certificate
    • exporting a p12 certificate
  • Lightman was created as part of the EverTrue 2013 winter hackathon.
  • I prefer working in objective-C, this javascript stuff scares me.