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Lighthouse CLI

A command-line interface for the Lighthouse Issue Tracker.

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Current Commands

  • lh projects list projects on your account
  • lh tickets [project] list tickets on your project
  • lh new [project] open a browser-tab to create a new ticket


This application requires Node.js. Once you have that installed, you can install as a global package with npm:

sudo npm install -g lighthouse-cli

Now create 2 environment variables in your .bashrc or .bash_profile. You need your account (your sub-domain) and your API token

export LIGHTHOUSE_ACCOUNT="my-subdomain"
export LIGHTHOUSE_TOKEN="my-api-token"


Use lh projects to see your available projects. Grab the ID from that use it for the tickets command: lh tickets ######.

Available lh tickets options, view them at any time with lh tickets -h:

  Usage: tickets [options] [project]


    -h, --help                       output usage information
    -r, --responsible [person]       Filter by responsible party
    -b, --reported-by [person]       Filter by person that reported
    -m, --milestone [milestone]      Filter by milestone
    -M, --not-milestone [milestone]  Filter out milestone
    -s, --state [state]              Filter by state
    -S, --not-state [state]          Filter out state
    -i, --importance [importance]    Filter by importance
    -t, --tagged [tag]               Filter by tag
    -T, --not-tagged [tag]           Filter out tag
    -u, --updated [date]             Filter by when updated
    -c, --created [date]             Filter by created date
    -o, --sOrt [type]                Order by field
    -n, --number [number]            Only show tickets of this #
    -l, --limit [number]             Limit response, max 100
    -L, --launch                     Launch the ticket(s) in your browser
    -p, --plain                      Limit response to plain text

Get your tickets that are new and are in milestone "check for launch":

lh tickets ###### -r kyle -s new -m launch

Tired of always including the project number? create an alias:

alias lht="lh tickets ######"

lht --r kyle -s new -m launch

Don't forget you can pipe this data to other Unix applications:

lht -r kyle -s new -m launch | grep "mobile"

Lincensed under MIT

Project initiated May 11th, 2014 by Kyle Phillips

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