A simple web framework for Node.JS

Light API

This is a simple web framework based on Express and inspired from Sails.js. Under GPL v2 licence.

It uses Sequelize as ORM and Schema Inspector for data validation/sanitition. As it is based on ExpressJS, controllers are compatible with Connect middleware system, so migration from an ExpressJS project to Light API is quite simple.

  • Create a Node application following this structure:
  ├─┬ api
  │ ├─ controllers
  │ └─ views
  └── config
  • In the controllers folder, create a IndexController.js node module. It will exports a object associating an action name to a function like this :
  module.exports = {
    indexfunction (reqres) {
      res.render("index.ejs", {name:}
  • In the views folder, create a index.ejs template, and type something like :
  Hello <%= name %> !
  • Finally, in the config folder, add a router.js node module, which will define the routing of your application. The system is pretty much like Sails.js router (see!documentation/routes), without resourseful routing.
  module.exports = {
    "/:name": "IndexController:index"
  • Create an app.js node module in the main folder and simply add that following line : require('lightapi').run();

  • Launch the app : node app and go to http://localhost:1337/World and magic will happend !

Documentation will be completed later, the roadmap a little bit before. For some examples of app build using Light API, see this repo, and have a look at the differents branches.