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Light7 - a light and easy to use UI lib for webapp

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Light7 is a fork of Framework7. Framework7 is a very amazing framework for build webapp. I use it in my project last year.

But I find it's to hard to learn, and most time I only need a simple UI lib instead of a heavy framework. So, I forked Framework7 and rewrite it to be Light7 - a very light and easy to use UI lib.I have fix some compatibility problems on Android 4.0~4.2 too.

For more docs please visit Light7 Website


It's recommand to use npm to install Light7 - npm install light7.

You can also clone this repo and compile by yourself. There is only source file on master branch. You can change to build branch to get all compiled files under dist/.

Install Grunt

  • Install grunt first, see Grunt for how to install and use grunt, if you have never used grunt before.
  • Then, run npm install under the root dir of this repo. This command will install the nodejs packages required by grunt.
  • Now, you can run grunt to compile the source file.


exec grunt to compile all source file, and the compiled file is in dist dir.

grunt watch to enter watch mode.

Offline docs

exec jekyll serve to open local server. You should install ruby, and then install jekyll and rouge.

Also, you can change to build branch, you will find all compiled docs under _site.

Don't open docs dir in your browser please


  • iOS 6+
  • Android 4.0+

Create issue if you find any compatibility problems.

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