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lie a small, performant, promise library implementing the Promises/A+ spec Version 1.1.

A originally a fork of Ruben Verborgh's library called promiscuous, version 2.6 and above are forked from ayepromise by Chris Burgmer.

npm install lie
var Promise = require('lie');
// or use the pollyfill 


Either use it with browserify (recommended) or grab one of the files from the dist folder

  • lie.js/lie.min.js makes 'Promise' available in global scope (or since it's a UMD Promise will be available through a CJS or AMD loader if it's available instead)
  • lie.polyfill.js/lie.polyfill.min.js adds 'Promise' to the global scope only if it's not already defined (not a UMD).


Implements the standard ES6 api,

new Promise(function(resolve, reject){
    doSomething(function(err, result) {
        if (err) {
        } else {
}).then(function (value) {
    //on success 
}, function (reason) {
    //on error 
}).catch(function (reason) {
    //shortcut for error handling 
    //array of promises or values 
]).then(function ([/* array of results */]));
    //array of promises or values 
// either resolves or rejects depending on the first value to do so 

Unhandled Rejections

In node lie emits unhandledRejection events when promises are not handled in line with how iojs does so meaning it can act as promise shim in node as well as the browser.