A minimal and fast promise implementation


lie a small, performant, promise library implementing the Promises/A+ spec Version 1.1.

A originally a fork of Ruben Verborgh's library called promiscuous, version 2.6 and above are forked from ayepromise by Chris Burgmer.

npm install lie
var Promise = require('lie');

Either use it with browserify (recomended) or grab one of the files from the dist folder

  • lie.js/lie.min.js makes 'Promise' available in global scope (or since it's a UMD Promise will be availble through a CJS or AMD loader if it's available instead)
  • lie.noConflict.js/lie.noConflict.min.js makes 'Lie' availble in global scope, otherwise they the same as lie.js/lie.min.js
  • lie.polyfill.js/lie.polyfill.min.js adds 'Promise' to the global scope only if it's not already defined (not a UMD).

Impliments the standard ES6 api,

new Promise(function(resolvereject){
    doSomething(function(errresult) {
        if (err) {
        } else {
}).then(function (value) {
    //on success 
}, function (reason) {
    //on error 
}).catch(function (reason) {
    //short cut for error handling 
    //array of promises or values 
]).then(function ([/* array of results */]));
    //array of promises or values 
// either resolve or rejects depending on the first value to do so