node package manager


creates a short report about project's dependencies (license, url etc)

license report tool

generate license report of a project's dependencies

npm install -g license-report


> cd your/project/
> license-report

by default, license-report outputs all licenses from dependencies and devDependencies. To specify one or the other, use --only

> license-report --only=dev
> license-report --only=prod

explicit package.json:

license-report --package=/path/to/package.json

customize a field's label:

license-report --report.label.department=division

customize a default value (only applicable for some fields):

license-report --department.label=division --department.value=ninjaSquad

another registry:

license-report --registry=

different outputs:

license-report --output=table
license-report --output=json
license-report --output=csv
license-report --output=csv --delimiter="|"

exclude (TBD):

license-report --excluse=async --exclude=rc

export DEBUG=license-report*

see lib/config.js for more details

use rc for further customization

  1. complete exclude libraries feature
  2. refactor getPackageJson and getPackageReportData to be usable for both local filesystem and npm