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I'm not a Lawyer and have very little knowledge about licenses. This code is super simpel, but should help against obvious license violations. I am not responsible for possible misjudgments, false explanations and descriptions


# npm 
npm install --save-dev license-ci-checker
# yarn 
yarn add -D license-ci-checker

Usage examples


    "scripts": {
        "test-licenses": "license-ci-checker --production"

command line

license-ci-checker --production


Most options are passed through from npm-license-crawler.

param default description
--start directory-path ["./"] path to the directory the license search should start from. If omitted the current working directory is assumed. Can be declared multiple for multiple entry points.
--exclude directory-path [] path to a directory to be excluded (and its subdirectories) from the search (behaves like --start)
--unknown false show only licenses that can't be determined or have been guessed.
--dependencies false show only third-party licenses, i.e., only list the dependencies defined in package.json.
--production false show only production dependencies
--development false show only development dependencies
--onlyDirectDependencies false show only direct dependencies licenses, i.e., don't list dependencies of dependencies.
--omitVersion false omit version numbers in result (e.g. "npm-license-crawler@0.1.5" becomes "npm-license-crawler")
--relativeLicensePath false output the relative file path for license files.
--allow [] list of packages that doen't throw an error regardless of there license. Like with the --start argument, you can specify it mutliple times

How does it work?

Licenses can be categorized with a hierarchie. This package checks which license you are using and in which category it belongs. Then it crawls all your licenses dependencies and checks if there licenses are in the same category as yours or below. If not, it throws an error.

License compatiblity

(currently, the implementation is a bit simpler, as explained above)

license categories source:

license compatibility source:

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